Soft or Firm?



Sealy has been making mattresses for 135 years, with a mission to improve sleep of people around the world. We begin and end with people in everything we do, listening, learning and developing mattresses that are driven by you, the sleeper.

Because of our wealth of experience, we know what people look for in a mattress. We know that firmness, feel and comfort preferences vary from person to person. We believe that you should have a say in what kind of mattress is best for you, that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to where you sleep every night.

So we made choice a central feature of the Cocoon by Sealy experience, offering two distinct mattress options: soft and firm.




Designed Around You

The idea that most people have relatively similar preferences when it comes to how their mattress feels is cited as the reason that many other mattress makers have trended toward a universal “one mattress for all” approach.

There’s merit to the idea that people generally share many of the same preferences, but there are distinct differences among sleepers that are inevitably going to be sacrificed by offering just one type of feel.

We believe comfort is personal, and that your mattress should be suited to your preferences, not a generalized approximation of your preferences. You spend over 1/3 of your life in bed, after all. So we set out to create a mattress that is more personal, and more accurately reflects the varying comfort preferences of sleepers.

The choice to offer two mattress feels really came down to one simple, but powerful insight: some people prefer the feeling of sleeping “in” their mattress, enveloped and sinking into the surface, while others prefer the feeling of sleeping “on” their mattress, suspended on a more solid surface.




What’s the Difference?

Both Cocoon by Sealy mattress feels are made up of high density memory foam, providing the the same level of underlying support and an overall rich, sturdy and substantial feel. It’s unmistakable when you get a chance to touch and lay on a Cocoon by Sealy mattress—the mattress has a density and thickness that blows most people away at first, especially after arriving in a box. This underlying support is important in providing incredible stability and durability, no matter which feel you choose.

The difference between the two comes in the initial feel and the way the mattress reacts to your body when you lay down. The soft, plush Cocoon by Sealy mattress offers just the right amount of sink, creating a cozy hug-like feel. The firm Cocoon by Sealy mattress, as you might expect, has a firmer feel, with noticeable less “give” that some describe as providing stillness and uncompromising support.

The difference is accomplished by altering the density and layering of the foam in each mattress. The soft mattress is made up of three foam layers, with a more flexible comfort layer on top providing the plush, cradling feel. The firm mattress is composed of two layers, with a heavier, more robust top comfort layer that offers more pronounced stability and stillness.




Why Not More Options?

Some might ask, if choice is so important, why not offer more than two feels? It’s a good thought, and something that we explored. But after extensive testing, prototyping and research with sleepers, we determined that too much choice can be overwhelming. We found that our soft and firm mattresses met people’s prevailing preferences, so we committed to creating a simple, yet personal experience with Cocoon by Sealy.




So Which One is Right for You?

The great thing about having two feels is that many people immediately know which feel they would gravitate toward. Odds are, you’ve already sided with one or the other in your mind.

But we completely understand that it’s not always that easy to choose, which is why we offer a 100-night sleep trial with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you order your Cocoon by Sealy mattress, you get the opportunity to “test drive” your mattress for 100 nights, and if you find that you think the other mattress feel would be better suited for you, we’ll happily switch out your mattress at no additional cost or hassle for you.




A House Divided?

We know that those who share a bed often have different preferences when it comes to feel, making choice all the more important. In the event that you and your partner disagree on whether you should go for a soft or firm feel…well, good news, there’s a simple solution. Purchasing two twin XL Cocoon by Sealy mattresses can combine to a King size bed with two different feels. Everybody’s happy, no sacrifices.



Get Comfortable

Now that you have a better sense of why choice is important in your mattress, and what makes our soft and firm mattresses different, there’s only one thing left to do…

Transform Your Bedroom™ with a bed you absolutely love.

Have a question about the differences in feel? Let’s chat. Our customer care team loves to talk mattresses, and is ready to help you find the bed that’s right for you.