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“A Little Bit of Both of Us”

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Nashville native Elise Joseph has her hands in all kinds of creative ventures, whether its lending her talents as a creative consultant or curating a highly influential blog (Pennyweight) devoted to fashion, interiors, music, art and photography.

Elise often works from home, making it all the more important to have an environment that’s both functional and inspirational. Having recently married and moved into a new Nashville apartment Elise and her husband Dan have meshed their styles together to create a home that’s cozy, comfortable and serene.

We were able to catch up with Elise after the move, which included an upgrade to a new king-sized Cocoon by Sealy mattress. We were delighted to hear that Elise and Dan have quickly come to love their new bed.

We spent time with Elise talking style, morning rituals and creating a comfortable home together as a couple.

How would you describe your style at home?

I try to be very intentional with my style. I prefer pieces that are really beautiful but also functional, so I’m always trying to find the right balance of the two. I also tend to keep things minimal. I choose quality over quantity. I like having clutters of books and that kind of thing, but in general I like a more minimal, serene, peaceful environment.


So you and your husband Dan have recently brought all of your things together in this new space. What’s been most exciting about that?

It’s been so fun to kind of have a fresh start together. Where we were living before was my apartment before Dan had moved in, and so it just felt more like mine. So it has been really nice for us to be able to create an environment together and to merge our things together. Fortunately for us, we have very similar styles.

It’s always a work in progress, but it’s been exciting to bring things together. We find things on trips and bring back little keepsakes. I think all of that really helps make it feel like a home.

“Every piece in the bedroom has a story to me. That’s really special. It’s something that I love about our space. Our room kind of has a little bit of both of us. So it’s just been a really sweet thing to do together.”

What are some of your favorite pieces around the bedroom? And what are their stories?

One of my favorite pieces is the rug in our bedroom. When I was in L.A., I was living in Venice, and my neighbor was renovating their place and they had piles of junk and trash that they were getting rid of. And I spotted this rug in the trash pile. And I was like, “This is so beautiful. Why are they getting rid of it?”

So I dug it out and cleaned it and drove it back across the country when I moved back to Nashville. And it’s just a really big, unique size. I love something that’s really worn. It just has a lot of character, so I feel like that really adds to the space a lot.

I have a light fixture that I love as well. My friend Adam does amazing lights and design. It’s kind of a classic sputnik style. He reworked it a little and did it in this beautiful brass. Lighting is really important to me. It sets the mood and the tone for everything.

Dan’s favorite thing in the room is the Cocoon bed. He loves having a king size bed. It’s amazing that we can get in and out of bed without disrupting each other. It’s so quiet and comfortable, you kind of sink into your little area and you don’t bother the other person when you get in or out. So that’s one of his number one things in the room, just to have the space and the comfort and the quality of that has been great for us.


We were about to ask… what would you say impressed you most about your Cocoon by Sealy?

I was really impressed by just the ease of everything with the Cocoon experience—the quality of it and how simple it is to set up everything. It’s a mattress, but it comes in such an interesting way and it’s so easy to add to the home. I feel like it looks very chic and elegant.

“I feel like it looks very chic and elegant. It’s a good balance of being soft but firm enough to support our lower backs.”

It’s a good balance of being soft but firm enough to support our lower backs. It molds to each of our bodies, which is so nice. I think it’s just how you feel when you lay in it. I knew a few minutes after we popped it out, I sat down and I was like, “this is the best mattress.” It just feels different than anything I’ve ever slept in.

“This bed has changed the way that we sleep. It’s been perfect for us.”

Having recently moved in, and the fact that you live on an upper floor of the building—how was the process of receiving it and setting it up?

It was very convenient. I like that it ships directly to you. It’s so easy to pop out of the box. It really could be a one-person job. It doesn’t have to be multiple people lugging a bed.

And it takes its shape within a few minutes, which was amazing to watch. So I think the ease and the quality that you get, I’ve never seen anything like that.

What are your mornings like?

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is press snooze. I love having slow, lazy mornings. I usually try not to schedule any meetings until later in the day because I find that I’m more productive in the afternoons. So the mornings are usually spent just catching up on email and making coffee.

I love the ritual of making coffee every morning. I do my pourover and Dan and I spend time kind of catching up on the week, listening to music, making to-do lists, reading the paper—just giving ourselves a little time before the craziness of the day begins.

What kinds of things do you do to make your space more comfortable?

So we kind of have this “no cell phones in the bedroom” thing, which is very tough because I feel like I’m constantly glued to a screen. So it feels very peaceful and serene to not really have electronics in the bedroom at all. I like to reserve a space for it to be calm and to be present and peaceful.

I am such a sucker for good quality bedding. It’s worth the investment to me, and that combined with the Cocoon bed, it feels like I’m sleeping in the clouds every night.

I love mixing different textures, having different layers of sheets, linens, and blankets, and sheepskin, thrown on the bed just to kind of wrap up in. It just feels like a nice ritual to have at night, listening to music and burning candles and getting cozy in bed.

“I feel like there’s nothing better than a cozy bed to get into at the end of the day.”


Photography by James Merrell

Content reflects Elise’s honest reaction to a bed provided by Cocoon by Sealy.