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A Guide to Finding Your Bedroom Style

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Comfort in the bedroom starts with a bed that you absolutely love. But it’s also a product of the environment you set in your space. We believe having a space that’s comfortable and reflects your style can inspire happiness.

But it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what that style is. Even then, it can be difficult to bring it all together and get the look you imagine. There are professionals who do this sort of thing, after all.

But fear not. With a little direction, inspiration and effort, you can arrive at a décor style that’s all yours, and a comfortable bedroom space you can affectionately call your ‘happy place.’

Here are some practical thought starters on finding your style in the bedroom.




1) Know Your Taste

It may seem obvious, but nailing a distinct style really comes down to knowing what you like and don’t like (aka taste). There are plenty of inspiring ways to style a room, so this can be easier said than done. But it comes down to identifying what best suits your personality and lifestyle, and will have a positive effect on you emotionally.

Some people are more intentional about their style. But for others, coming into a style just sort of happens by collecting things that you love and finding a way to integrate them as you go.

Either way, you need to have a strong sense of what you like, so…




2) Get Inspired

What have you always admired in décor you’ve seen from your friends or family? What do you usually take notice of in a space? Take a look around and think about rooms that have piqued your interest.

The web is an endless vault of inspiration and ideas. Tear pages out of magazines or catalogs. Gather inspiration and pay attention to the details that speak to you.

But also, ask yourself which pieces already stand out in your room. This can help inform a more personal theme that can be carried through.




3) Find a Starting Point

Once you’ve immersed yourself in inspiration, you’ll likely have a better idea of how to categorize your style, which can make it easier to find pieces that fit in and complement each other. Rustic? Mid-Century? Contemporary? Traditional? Vintage? Eclectic? Scandinavian? Arts and Crafts? Shaker? Industrial? Chic? …There are countless style traditions and trends, and all have their own set of particular attributes that can help you narrow in on a look that starts to feel right for you. Dig in, and you’ll likely find a good starting point. Then, you can find ways to personalize it and let your creativity take over.




4) What’s Your Canvas?

By canvas, we mean the space in which you’re decorating. Chances are, it already says something about your style. Whether you live in an urban loft, a countryside ranch, or a suburban bungalow, embrace your environment and look for ways to make the most of the architecture, textures and style elements that come through in your space naturally.




5) A Sense of Place

Your location can say a lot about you. Hopefully you love where you live, or at least you’re growing to love where you live. Take cues from your locale and bring some regional flavor into your space.

Or, make it about where you come from. Honor your roots with little nods to the places you’ve called home before. Or, create a patchwork of pieces from places you’ve visited (or hope to visit). Regardless of what feels right for you, incorporating elements that speak to a sense of place help give your space a strong identity and feeling of belonging.




6) Mood

Tranquil…whimsical…exuberant…bold…what suits your personality? How do you want to feel in your bedroom? What kind of activities go on in your space? Is your room more of a place to simply unwind and recharge? Is it a creative space? An active space?

When you have answers to these types of questions, it makes it easier to style accordingly. Combinations of furniture styles, fabrics, lighting, colors, patterns, textures all contribute to the overall mood.




7) Color

Understanding how color fits into your style goes a long way, as there are powerful psychological effects and benefits from color. So it’s important to establish a palette that suits your personality and the vibes you want your space to emit.

Color can evoke a wide range of emotions in your space, from excitement, to serenity, to drama. Ask yourself what you gravitate towards. Are you more into neutral colors and white spaces? Do earthy or muted colors set the right mood for you? Or do you love bright pops of color? Do you tend to lean toward a diverse mix of color, or is a more monochromatic theme more your style? Take cues from your fashion sense. Your décor style likely isn’t far off.

Follow your tastes, but it’s also worthwhile to do some research on how each color can affect emotion. Yellow, for example can have an energizing effect. Blue can work in a more soothing way.




8) Pattern

Pattern is one of the major differentiators between styles, and can be carried through in bedding, wallpaper, rugs, art and curtains. Geometric, floral, stripes and even animal patterns can all be incorporated to add to the overall flow and movement of a room, guiding the eye and injecting life into a space.

Depending on which type of design scheme appeals to you, patterns can either be used as accents or main themes in a space.




9) Texture

Mixing and matching textures add warmth and character to a room, appealing to the sense of touch. Texture can be carried through in everything from the architecture of the room itself, to bedding, to furniture, to art.

Carefully consider how different textures combine and add to the feeling of the room. Smooth textures can be less intimate, but can feel sleek and sophisticated. Textures with more depth or softness can add to a sense of warmth and coziness.

Layering textures in bedding is a simple and easy way to add both comfort and style.




10) Form Follows Function

Style can (and should) also be a product of function. Let your lifestyle guide some of your décor choices. Style doesn’t have to come at the expense of practicality. The way you choose to lay out a space should suit the way you go about your time in that space.

Bedding can be stylish and cozy (as can your mattress). Furniture can be sophisticated and sensible.

Make things you use often accessible. They can all be a part of your décor and your day-to-day life. If you’re a music lover, instruments and records all make for great décor. If you’re a bookworm, stacks of books can add color and character to a space.




11) Addition By Subtraction

There might be some pieces of décor in your space that you absolutely hate. We all make purchases that don’t pass the test of time. Strip out the things that don’t add to your happiness, it will help bring clarity to the things that truly reflect your style.




12) Follow Trends …or Buck Them

There are always new trends in patterns, color, texture and art. For some it’s important to be current, to continue evolving in style. Others might be comfortable in a particular look that can remain more timeless. Do what feels best by you.




13) Don’t Break The Bank

A beautiful bedroom space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you know you like a certain look, there’s likely an inexpensive DIY way to achieve it. So do some research and get crafty. Flea markets can provide some great finds, adding something completely unique that you can call all yours.

A room that achieves full-on style perfection doesn’t have to happen overnight. And for many, it’s ever evolving.

Do what you can, when you can. A little addition here and there can go a long way. Make goals for your space if it helps move you toward a particular vision.




14) Break the Rules

Trust your inclinations. Don’t be afraid to try something unexpected or different. It’s your space, not anybody else’s. If you love something, find a way to make it work for you.

You don’t have to try to replicate any single look. Take note of the things that stand out most in different spaces, combine them and remix them into something you can call your own. Juxtaposition of varying elements makes for intrigue, balance and individuality in your space.

Some style elements just don’t mix well. And sure, there are plenty of décor no-no’s, but don’t be afraid to break the rules every once in a while.




15) Own It

Your style is exactly that, your style. Make your bedroom a sort of “museum of you,” a place that’s unmistakably yours and inspires happiness.

In the end, no list or quiz is going to give you all the answers for achieving the perfect style for you. Style should be a personal venture. So do your research but also have fun and follow your instincts.

Here’s to staying inspired and creating a bedroom you can your happy place, a hub of comfort that’s completely you, through and through.

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