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“First Thoughts of the Day”

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Levi Maestro is just one of those people who emits positive vibes.

His easygoing, charismatic personality has been on full display in ventures on his web series Maestro Knows and The Maestro. Each episode provides a casual day-in-the-life spent with artists, musicians and athletes, often providing a glimpse into his guests’ mindset and motivations.

So it was only fitting that we took some time to get a look into how Levi spends his time when he’s not manning the camera himself—to see where he goes to relax, recharge and reset each day.

We believe that a bed that you love, and a comfortable place to come home to every day has a powerful impact on your day-to-day outlook. Levi seems to agree, and we enjoyed hearing how his new Cocoon by Sealy fit in to his lifestyle.

How would you describe your style?

I think the only thing consistent about my style is that it’s always quite simple. But otherwise, it’s always changing. I’m very much a minimalist. So when it comes to the place that I lay my head, I like to be as simple as possible.


At the moment, what are some your favorite pieces around the bedroom?

Well, my bed. It’s the most important thing for me, right?

But I always try to bring at least one thing back with me every place I go. I brought these metal giraffes back from South Africa. I brought paintings back from Morocco. I brought ceramic skulls back from Mexico. I brought a really cool painting of the favelas back from Ecuador.

“It’s really important for me to keep art around—photos, paintings, whatever it may be, because I have a connection to either the person that made it, or where I got it. Surrounding myself with art continually reminds me of how important it is to constantly be creating.”



How important is sleep to you? How does it affect your day-to-day?

It took me several years of living by myself and maturing to realize how important sleep really is. I used to think it was admirable to be staying up two days in a row, or working late nights. And I finally came around to understand that sleep is probably the most important thing for your health.

When I am going to sleep well, I know it ahead of time. When you get so tired to the point where you just cannot anymore—you know that when you get home, you’re in for something great. That thought of a comfortable bedroom to look forward to when you get home, that sense of comfort is wildly valuable.


So your Cocoon by Sealy mattress is now something that you can look forward to… what do you think?

My first impression was that the name is awesome. It just makes a lot of sense, you know?

I was surprised how quickly it was ready to go. It was almost too easy. It made you want to share the excitement with somebody. I thought it might take a while to find its original form again. But pretty much as soon as I opened it up, when I got all the plastic removed, it was almost ready right away. Then I put the sheets on and went to sleep.

(When I slept on it) It felt solid. It felt well made. I felt like I slept very still that night. I sleep on my side. So I tend to roll over a bit because your one side gets sore. It just felt very still.
Cocoon is backed by Sealy, a company that’s been making mattresses for 135 years…does that make you feel better about the quality behind it?

I guess when you’re making something for over 100 years, you figure out how to make it right. So good job, Mr. Sealy. Or Mrs. Sealy…Or just Sealy. Good job (laughs).


If you were to recommend Cocoon by Sealy to somebody, what would you say?

I think the easiest way to describe it would be that it is the smartest way to buy your mattress.


You chose the “firm” Cocoon by Sealy. Was it important to have a choice with that?

For me, it’s really important to have a choice because I think it’s very hard to find the right mattress for you. And the really tough thing is that you sometimes don’t know until you’ve slept on it for weeks, maybe even months.

So yes, I chose firm because I think it’s better for my back and it allows me to stay still, which is important.

What’s an ideal morning like for you? Do you have a routine?

“Your bed is where your first thoughts take place, and that’s what sets the tone for the rest of your day.”

In the morning, I need to do only what I want, when I want. I don’t like being rushed. Because if that’s the first immediate thing in your day, it’s going affect your whole day. So I don’t have a routine, and I think that’s actually quite important to the way I’ve lived thus far.

I just like the first few activities of the day to kind of come to you, or let you go your own way. It’s always different.

“I think when you’re comfortable, that’s when everything makes the most sense. It all comes easy.”


You come across as a very positive, motivated person. What’s your key to being in the right frame of mind?

My personal key on an inspired state of mind, a motivated day, is perspective. There’s always a different perspective to take. There’s always a perspective that’s bigger than the one that you currently have.

It’s really important for me to think and speak of positive things because that’s how you breed them.



Photography by James Merrell

Content reflects Levi’s honest reaction to a bed provided by Cocoon by Sealy.